The Life Changing Experience in Europe of a Small Fiji Islander by Maria-Rose Chandra

Being from a small island nation in the South Pacific, and a first time traveler, this experience has definitely been an enjoyable and memorable one. From the friendly and dedicated staff, to the students from various countries all over the world, who I now call friends and the breathtaking sites, which has ultimately left me in awe and utmost grateful to those who made this possible for me.

Plaza Zorilla, this fountain was one of the eye catching sites for me, aside from the vast greenery and ancient churches.


A night out in Valladolid with my friends from Vietnam and Madrid. It was an amazing night indeed, experiencing the night life in this Royal City. This city is definitely one of the safest places I’ve lived in and I especially admire that although the locals love their alcohol, there was no drunk and disorderly people to be seen, just simply individuals socializing and having a good time.

Above, is a picture from my trip to Rome, Italy, where I visited the ever famous Roman Colosseum. I also had the privilege of dressing up like the ancient Romans did, as the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, thus I did exactly that.

My trip to yet another historical site, located in Paris, France, the Eiffel Tower. Growing up, this visiting this world renowned monument was honestly on my bucket list and I have finally accomplished it. Paris has numerous other sites like the church of Notre Dame, or the golden art piece placed above the underground tunnel where Princess Diana tragically died.

These pictures are merely a fraction of all the wonderful cities I have had the utmost pleasure of exploring and learning about. The world is a beautiful place waiting to be explored and it’s opportunities like this which enables a 3rd world nation citizen like me to enjoy. The academic tools employed by the teachers have honestly made learning more interesting and easier. Not to mention being exposed to the views of individuals from different countries, has definitely been an eye opening and enlightening experience. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a wonderful life changing experience because this is exactly what this trip has done.


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