A voyage to the ‘Universidad de Valladolid’ with ‘Erasmus+ KA 107’ scholarship, Jojo Panakal John

jj1I was so delighted to visit University of Valladolid in Spain which is one of the oldest universities in the world, still maintaining the ultramodern labs and facilities with universal perspective and open mind. It was a long journey for more than 24 hours from the Papua New Guinea University of Technology in Southern Pacific to the city of Valladolid in northwest Spain. The journey in a bus from the capital city of Madrid to Valladolid through the solitary and far-reaching fields and small towns in between was very much relaxing after a very long monotonous air travel. Valladolid is a beautiful, quite, historic city with a captivating blend of gothic renaissance and modern architectures.

The international students’ office

Prof. Pilar Íñiguez in the Department of Theoretical, Atomic and Optical Physics in the Faculty of Science was my academic supervisor in UVa.  Professor Pilar was so simple, resourceful and cooperative. We did a couple of hands on experiments on radiation measuremnts with PIN diode, fundamental and basic experiments like ESR, Cloud chamber  as well. As for future collaborative research, we discussed Monte Carlo Simulation for the theretical evaluation of diffusion of radioactive gases through materials with Dr Ivan Cabria in the department. The visit to the Radiation Physics Facility in the General Hospital (Hospital Clinico Universitario de Valladolid) and interactions with Dr Raquel Barquero, the Chief of Radiation Physics Section was extremely enlightening. Methods of radiation therapy, Interventional radiology, gamma camera, dosimtery equipments, facilities of radioactive waste disposal, phantoms for dosimetric assessments etc were seen and familiarised their operations. All academics I met in UVa were very open minded to share their knowledge and expertise.

Magnetic spin Resonance experiment
With Prof. Pilar & Dr Ivan Cabria

I was so gratified with the professional exposure I received through the academic mobility to University of Valladolid. The research culture, openness to discuss scientific aspects and problems, standard of conducting experimental and theoretical research in the department of Theoretical, Atomic and Optical Physics, University of Valladolid are remarkable and invaluable.

Faculty of Science
School of  Industrial Engineering

‘Residencia reyes catolicos’ is the postgraduate international students’ hostel with a very calm ambience. I enjoyed the Spanish cuisine, in the university. Even in hectic activities for one-week academic mobility (too short!), I found time to visit some places of historical importance, churches, shopping centers in the evenings (Valladolid sunset was around 10.30 pm those days!)

Gracias, sinceramente!


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