Erasmus+ KA 107 by Samir Mena

Valladolid is a very beautiful and quit city, has churches, diverse architecture, shops, restaurants, bars, banks and museums are all located in the main part of the city.
One of Spain’s oldest universities, the Universidad de Valladolid suitable for all researchers and students provided with all new equipment in laboratories and all advanced programs.

SAMIR, Menna_Blog-Octubre
The Pisuerga River passes through the city, providing fishing, boating, swimming, and lovely parks.

SAMIR, Menna_Blog-Octubre2
San Pablo Church in Valladolid, one of the most beautiful churches i have ever seen, it’s very big and beautiful architecture design.

SAMIR, Menna_Blog-Octubre3

All professors in the university are helpful and friendly, in addition they explain the lessons in easy way and they are available in anytime. one of my professor made a tour with all students around Valladolid to show to us the important places here and he explained all the history of this places.


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